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Recommended Reading

Summer Book List

This summer, get your kids off the couch and outside!  Read one of the books on our summer reading list and you'll be sure to stay both mentally and physically active all summer long. 

1. Curious George’s Big Book of Curiosity by H. A. Rey -From morning to night, city to country, home to town and back again, little readers can follow George as they learn more about their own worlds.
2. I went walking by Sue Williams- A crazy-haired boy stroll’s through the countryside. The boy sees a black cat, then a brown horse, then a red cow, and so on, and before he knows it, he’s being trailed by the entire menagerie!
3. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom- by Bill Maritn Jr.- When all the letters of the alphabet race one another up the coconut tree, will there be enough room?
4. Wiggle Waggle by Jonathan London- Jump up and dance along with camels, horses, and kangaroos in their lively animal parade.
5. We All Went on Safari: A counting Journey through Tanzania by Laurie Krebs- Join Arusha, Mosi, Tumpe and their Maasai friends as they set out on a counting journey through the grasslands of Tanzania. Along the way, the children encounter all sorts of animals including elephants, lions and monkeys, while counting from one to ten in both English and Swahili.
6. My First Hike by Catherine Maria Woolf- A reluctant child goes with Grandpa on his first hike - and to his surprise, discovers the vibrant world of nature. Birds! Frogs! A waterfall! Trees to swing on! "Can we come back tomorrow?
7. In My Backyard by Valarie Giogas- Baby dogs are puppies and they belong to a litter, but what is a baby skunk and what is the name of its group?
8. Lester and Clyde Running Scared by James Reece- Lester and Clyde are forced to leave their peaceful pond because of humans and their machinery and pollution. Follow their adventures as they search for a new home.
9. Put me in the Zoo By Robert Lopshire- Spot believes he deserves to be in the zoo with the other amazing animals. Spot shows two young friends all the exciting things he can do with his spots. From changing their color and juggling them to moving them onto everything around him, you won’t believe what Spot can do.
10. Komodo by Peter Sis- Mad about dragons, the boy who narrates this picture book is pleased when his doting parents decide to take him to Indonesia, home of the Komodo dragon.... [The boy] takes the road less traveled through the jungle, where he encounters the dragon of his dreams.