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Craft of the Month

Every month we will feature a different nature craft you can do at home!


Toilet Paper Roll Stamped Flowers 

You don’t have to have expensive supplies when doing arts and crafts.  Using objects found around the house, such as toilet paper and paper towel rolls, is a great (and cheap!) alternative.  

  Materials: Toilet paper rolls, scissors, paper (we like re-using our packing paper), paint, paint brushes, glue, natural objects (sticks, sand, dirt, mulch, leaves, flowers, etc)

 1. Prior to the activity, cut the toilet paper rolls into different shaped petals for the flowers (see picture).   
 2. Next, have your child dip one of the toilet paper rolls into the paint and stamp it on their piece of paper.  This stamp will be the flower petals.  Out of paint?  Just color the end of the toilet paper roll after they cut the petals and make a flower out of the entire roll. 
 3. Assist your child in putting glue in the center of the flower.
 4. Have the child glue different natural objects in the center of the flower (sand, dirt, leaves).  The child can glue a small twig or can leaf to represent the stem of the flower.  

Conservation Message: Remind kids it is important to recycle and reuse items to reduce land fill waste.  Reiterate the importance of always putting our trash in the proper bins to keep our water and land safe for our animals.