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SSP - Birds

Species Survival Plan - Birds

Common Name

Amethyst starling

Attwater's Prairie Chicken

Bali Mynah

Blue-bellied roller

Blue-grey Tanager

Bluebird, Fairy blue

Boat-billed heron

Buff crested buster

Cardinal, red-capped

Caribbean flamingo

Chilean flamingo

Cockatoo palm

Coscoroba swan

Crane, Black-crowned

Crane, Blue

Crane, Demoiselle

Crane, Grey crowned

Crane, Hooded

Crane, Manchurian

Crane, Red-crowned

Crane, Wattled

Crane, Whooping

Emerald-spotted wood duck

European stork

Golden breasted starling

Greater flamingo

Green naped pheasant pigeon

Green woodhoopoe

Guam rail

Hadada Ibis


Inca tern

King vulture

Kookaburra, laughing

Luzon bleeding heart

Madagascar teal

Malayan Argus pheasant

Marbled teal

Masked lapwing

Mauritius pink pigeon

Micronesian kingfisher

Nicobar pigeon

Peafowl, Congo

Pheasant Palawan peacock

Red-legged Seriema

Scarlet Ibis

Screamer, Crested

Southern cassowary

Southern ground hornbill

Spectacled owl

Spoonbill, Roseate

Stork, Abdim's (white-bellied)

Stork, Marabou

Sun bittern

Swan goose

Tanager, turquoise

Tawny frogmouth

Turaco, lady ross

Victoria crowned pigeon

West Indian whistling duck

White-headed buffalo duck

White-winged wood duck

Wood partridge, crested

Wreathed hornbill