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Ranger Rick Geocache

Welcome to the San Antonio Zoo’s Ranger Rick Geocache challenge!  We have placed 2 caches throughout the Zoo which can be found close to the main paths.  For your safety, please do not cross animal barriers or try to enter “employee only” areas, as there have not been any caches placed in those locations.  If you have any questions stop by the Nature Spot and find a Playleader – they will be happy to help!

How to Play
1. Go online. Families log in, or create a geocaching account at; then go to and look for nearby trails.
2. Get Coordinates. Each geocache will have its own page online with information about the location and terrain, clues to help you find it, and coordinates for download onto a GPS unit or Smartphone.
3. Hit the Trail! Follow GPS unit to the first geocache.
4. Found It! When families find each geocache they will:
    a. Sign the log book inside.
    b. Solve the mystery. Look for the clue card and guess which of Ranger Rick’s pals was there. Using the paw   print stamp, mark your passport with your guess.
    c. Trade treasure. Geocachers love to trade items. The only rule is, if you take something out, you must replace it  with something of your own.
    d. Look for More to Explore. Each clue card includes other activities to do on the adventure.
    e. Now find the other geocaches on the trail.

Our two caches can be found at:

N 29° 27.754' W 098° 28.264'
N 29° 27.775’ W 098° 28.390’

Good luck!!!

*For more information on how to play, where to go, and geocaching tips click here or visit