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July 29, 2014

The San Antonio Zoo is saddened over the loss of Thelma and Louise

San Antonio Tx – It is with great sadness that we announce the sudden passing of Thelma and Louise, the San Antonio Zoo’s two-headed turtle. Thelma and Louise was just over thirteen months old, and despite having great vigor in her daily life, her last few months showed lack of growth. The exact cause of death has yet to be determined.

Thelma and Louise was quite the mystery. The bicephalic (two-headed) make-up was an obvious standout trait, making her unique but not uncommon in snakes and turtles. Thelma and Louise received daily intensive care and monitoring to ensure she received the highest quality of life. This included the daily monitoring of her water quality, lighting, and feeding. She lived a typical neonate turtle life actively swimming in her enclosure, an ample varied diet, and a good basking spot- something every Texas cooter enjoys!

Thelma and Louise created excitement around the world as far away as Moscow, Russia, and Australia.   Since her debut, thousands of San Antonio Zoo guests were able to experience her uniqueness up close and personal. Her recent first birthday celebration was a touching event as hundreds of children visited the Zoo to create individual birthday cards, which were displayed inside the Friedrich Aquarium above her tank. Thelma and Louise’s popularity spurred her own Facebook page, with nearly 8500 “likes.”

Help keep Thelma and Louise’s memory alive by continuing to support and donate to turtle and tortoise conservation worldwide. While many animal groups are imperiled globally, turtles and tortoises suffer the worse fate. The San Antonio Zoo will truly miss this tiny, yet giant, turtle conservation embassador.

Thelma and Louise Facebook click HERE!